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J. Body Transformation


2011 #1 Superheavy Weight in USA
2011 USA National Champion
2012 Team USA Olympic Alternate
SK Energy Sponsored Athlete

"Man this dude knows how to workout and give good food tips.He definitely knows how to get you to gain size quick without sacrificing things you love.

Training with him is on beast mode, like no other."

Jon H.

Before Coaching

Before Coaching

After Coaching

After Coaching


G.G. - Actor








D. M.

USA Olympic Wrestler

"I want to thank Danny for his support and guidance. He had a different approach on training me and I tell you, my arms felt like they grew in one day. With my injuries in the past he was able to work around them and still get what I wanted.Training with him was neat because he makes you feel like a workout partner instead of a client and telling you what to do.I like when he worked out with me to show me proper technique on workouts.

Thank you Danny, your the best!"
Derek M.


R. S.


"I am a model and I came to Danny because I wanted to get more gigs, get leaner, but keep my thickness.It seemed that my body was holding me back from accomplishing my goals.

He helped me tone my body and lose fat around my legs, now I have had more photoshoots. It has only been three weeks into my plan and I see results,  and I am thinner."
Rose S.


M. J.

Undefeated Cruiserweight 18-0

First I would like to thank you GOD of mighty for getting to me to this point in my life. Secondly I would like to thank my wife Natasha and my newborn son Mic Murray and with a phenomenal nutritionist in Danny Bruce . I believe in training your body and your mind to the fullest. Boxing just like anything else is not a sprint but it is a marathon. This sport has made me a humble person in life and with everything else that I do in this life. In my spare time I enjoy training, spending time with my son and wife, enjoying life in general and being a positive outlet for my son and everyone else. Thank you for listening to my story and god bless. Danny Bruce played a pivotal part in helping me develop a solid diet plan that would allow to be become way stronger and faster. I was also able to lean out more and add stamina and agility to my foundation. Danny Thank you for providing me with motivation and the ability to take myself to the next level in life, in training and in spirit. ah. I have been amateur fighting competitively for almost 5 years now. I am very blessed to have a great team in my life and a great boxing coach



albert b n a

Do I need to say anything? I wanted to get bigger and have a ripped physique. I was skinny then I went to Danny for help. Results is what I was after and that is what he gives. Soon you will see me on stage competing, I'm only going to get bigger and leaner from here on forward. Thank you big homie!

danny omar trophy

O. J.

US Army
NPC Men's Physique

I'm Omar, 3 weeks out I started training with Danny Bruce coming up to my first NPC show appearance in the Men's Physique division. Danny prepared my cutting phase 3 weeks out. It was an awesome experience. Everything was very well explained and made easy to where anyone could understand. It was very impressive to me that even a trained and tested athlete as myself was pushed to my limits by Danny Bruce.

I ended up placing second in the Open Division and learned so much from Danny in such a short time. From hours or working on posing to hardcore depletion workouts. Even before actually discussing doing a show Danny was always very helpful from giving me new workouts to just random tips to train more effectively.

I am more then satisfied with the results from training with Danny Bruce and am looking forward to continuing training  with him. Gearing up now for a national qualifier Tokyo Joe in Denver Colorado.  I'm am the strongest I ever felt in my life. Not just  physically but also Mentally. Danny always provided a strong Knowledge base. Training me and to compete on my own and possible train others.


chaz perez bulk cut before after

C. P.

US Army

"I wanted to bulk up and have my muscles even without having the bodybuilder look. I decided to take Danny's approach of training smart to see what would happen.I saw results instantly within a couple of weeks by using his method and I didn't have to over train myself like other programs I've used in the past.

Even better, my muscles began to look proportioned everywhere not just in one place. Danny gave me better results than what I wanted, something I couldn't have thought in such little time.

Thank you so much for my transformation!" Chaz P.


C. H.


My name is Casi, I heard about Danny from reading a news article and wanted to give his approach a try since he said something about training smart.….I didn’t know anything about the gym. I didn’t know how to workout, didn’t know what any of the machines were for or even how to use them. I didn’t like seeing myself without clothes, let alone a bathing suit. Ewww disgusting is how I felt and looked.  I was all depressed I kept stressing out because my legs had dimples on them my tummy didn’t look good and I didn’t like what I was seeing. I told Danny what I wanted, I told him that I wanted to be leaner and have muscular legs, I wanted to have a flat tummy and get rid of the jiggly part under my arms and even showed him a picture of someone I idolized. He said okay, let’s transform you.Danny is different from any of the trainers I’ve had in the past. He said that he was a coach and had a different level of knowledge than most of them.  The trainers I’ve had, only told me what to do and were reading things from a list or a clipboard, Danny did none of that and actually showed me what to do in gyms or in public without gym equipment. I love how he was very creative in doing workouts that were well explained for me to understand, even if he was not with me, I would be able to do the workouts. He and I would always communicate via text/phone mostly since I have a hectic schedule and he was able to work around my time, not his. He made me feel comfortable at all times and wasn’t all weird and creepy. He even had my boyfriend join up with us sometimes to give me more motivation to work harder and has been very professional at all times. Danny even does the workouts with me to keep me motivated, he doesn’t yell or raise his voice and is very soft spoken. He just has a different aura about him that you will trust whatever he has for you to do.

I love the intensity that was brought with each of the programs, but at first they sucked and I kept complaining because it was kicking my a**. During each of the workouts, he always motivated me to do better, and always helped me finish that extra repetition. I had a lot of questions when it came to working out and the food as what they would do to my body and he was able to answer all of them. He said that there was a science with my body along with the foods that I am eating that will get me to see the results I wanted.

His system works, as we weren’t in the gym for hours. He said that was pointless. I’ve learned to use this program to further enhance my health and my overall well-being. The funny thing was, I thought I was just going to do a 90 day transformation and realized this is a lifestyle and want to continue with his programs since it worked in a short period of time getting the results I’ve wanted and some extra. I have a small waist now.  My friends, roommates, and people wherever I went seemed to notice a change in my body from having a smaller waist, to thin arms, to defined legs. I really love how I have to buy a new wardrobe of clothes. That is good feeling. Being healthy on the inside as well as the outside matters and means so much to me, I am happy with Danny Bruce and what I got out if it, so go follow whatever diet plan, and follow the workout plan provided to you because they work.  Danny even helped me with my posture and my back doesn’t hurt, he shows me how I should walk to build my confidence levels and he always said something funny while with him to keep me from not focusing on what I had to do. I thank Danny for this transformation and will continue to follow his program since it works and is not like the others.

A. M. 

dre before coaching
Before Coaching
dre during bulk coaching
During Coaching
dre after coaching
After Coaching

"I'm Andre M. My story was very similar to Danny’s, but after my car accident, I lost all my motivation to do so. Before my accident, I used to be in the military and I did keep myself in shape. I was a guy that was big and buff but no abs hardly. After I got out of the military. I started working in the civilian world. I was doing well for myself.In early 2012 a horrible disaster came upon me and my life was changed. I was on the passenger side of a car while my buddy was driving and we were struck on my side, t-boned from a drunk driver who was speeding through the intersection.

I saw the headlights and braced myself; We were struck, and I was ejected from the car. After it all happened, I was in the ambulance being rushed to the hospital.

My neck, lower back, right knee and right shoulder were in pain. I tore my ACL in my right knee and I had to wear an arm sling to keep my shoulder in place. The doctor said that I could have been dead or paralyzed from the accident that occurred and that I was very luck and that god had my back. I left the hospital in a couple of days and I called my job to tell them what happened.

Unfortunately, they didn’t want a cripple, so I lost my job and I wasn’t able to take care of myself. I didn’t want to do anything at all. I had to go to therapy multiple times and the doctors kept telling me that it will take a while to heal and that I cannot go workout for a year or so. I was so mad that I could not but I was determined. Several months later I gained a lot of weight and met up with Danny. I told him that I felt like a unhealthy slob and enough was enough. I wanted to have ripped abs.  A program was created and I started to get back to working out. A few months after rehabbing my knee and learning how to workout safely without reinjuring myself I began to see changes in my body. I was able to run on land again. Eventually, the program was adjusted to where I stepped it up another level doing cardio, plyometrics and eating healthy. I trained consistently and now my body is in great shape. To be honest, if none of this happened to me, I don’t think I would ever be at where I am today. I am now a model with MTM Agency and John Casablancas. My life has gone up since I’ve connected with Danny, and I am so happy and blessed to bea model and thank God for protecting me.

Danny not only is a great coach, but he can relate to the injuries I had and with my lower back pain, I was skeptical about hiring a regular trainer at a gym that has book smarts, but no actual, “real life experience.” Danny’s program was real he made me feel like a friend not a dollar sign. He actually cares about you and randomly calls to check on you to see what is going on."



A. M.


Completed a body transformation with Danny Bruce. I'm a competitor in the Npc and I wanted to improve my physique with Dannys help. I had little experience before doing two shows with another trainer who was a former competitor but couldn't get me where I wanted to be until I met Danny. After talking with him after my second show he could see what I was lacking, offered his help, and went to work. The knowledge he gave me on workouts and nutrition was priceless, the littlest things made the biggest difference but I would have never known. It wasn't easy and requires discipline and felt a little skeptical halfway through because the training was so different from what I was used to. But I stuck to the plan and met with Danny on different occasions to see how I was progressing and how I was feeling throughout the whole process. Even when I had a bunch of question's that I thought would be hard to answer,Danny had the knowledge and experience to show me how I could succeed. I've never looked leaner and still be able to hold on to muscle. Granted it takes time to learn an individual's body, Danny's athletic background and experience helped a lot when he came up with my program because it was never boring and gave me the results I was looking for.

B. T.

Wilhelmina Models

Britni transformation

I looked in the mirror and I was disappointed in what I saw. I was overweight and unhappy. I was going on tons of auditions and I wasn’t booking anything! I needed a boost and a transformation. I reached out to Bruce Coaching to help me make this change in my life. A change he did make! He set me up with an exercise and nutrition plan that was tailored to me and my needs. I wanted have a slimmer waist, chiseled thighs and firmer glutes. He helped me along my journey, keeping me motivated and on track! Now, I am booking national commercials and working on more sets than ever! Thank you Bruce Coaching!CHECK OUT MY PROFILE AND MY FAN PAGE:



Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 3.54.15 PM


A. D.



Danny, your program is fucking effective. I was 281 when I started and am down to 220!!! Thank you so much for all the help man. You helped me so much man and I seriously cant thank you enough. It just takes some self control which I lost for a time during my plan because of stress. I've channeled that stress into motivation now though. My goals are getting crushed. My family is doing your training now too after seeing my results!

G. R.


I first met Danny through mutual friends. They all raved about his training but I didn't have many expectations. Getting healthy and working out seemed very simple. However I did want to get in outstanding shape to be a better boxer. I decided to give him a try and I am truly glad I did. Danny is an excellent trainer. Through his passion to teach others, he showed me workouts that I had never seen and definitely have never done before. Not only does he teach you but he also motivates you to be your absolute best self. Week by week I began to see a change in my body. That I can and will say was the best part. If you think you can get yourself in shape, I promise you Danny can do it better. I highly recommend him to anyone. Not only will you become healthy, but you will do it the right way. Personally, I cannot see myself training with anyone else. He will get me to my next physical goal and I can say I am enormously excited about that! Danny is an outstanding individual and I can guarantee your addiction to getting healthy and in shape will skyrocket. Say goodbye to mediocrity and hello to perfection because Danny's training style is nothing less than perfect.
Greg After Buff Arms 2


sonny b n a



K. D.

KIRA b n a

Kira yoga after


I had a weigh in this morning I've gone from 160lbs to 140 in 5weeks...I'm at my pre-pregnancy weight before I ever had kids. I have so much more energy lately and they are loving it!  You are a fucking legend!!!  We are definitely gonna stay working together.

Weight: 160lbs
Bust: 42 inches
Waist: 36 inches
Hips: 42 inches
Thigh: 23 inches
Weight: 140lbs
Bust: 37 inches
Waist: 33 inches
Hips: 39 inches
Thigh: 20 inches
Weight: - 20lbs
Bust: - 5.2inches
Waist: - 3inches
Hips - 3.3 inches
Thigh: - 2.7 inches

Mens Physique Athlete J.G.