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Danny Apollo Bruce, graces yet another cover! For November 2014 he is on FITNESS 101 with WBFF Pro, Jody Calitlz. Danny is becoming one of the most iconic celebrity coaches in the world with his aesthetic build and phenomenal athletic abilities. The 6'3, 230 Lb. golden child, not only is blessed with a physique that most would want to attain, but he has a stellar business savvy mindset of getting results for all of his clients. Danny is highly dedicated in creating massive success through strength and conditioning for his Professional and Olympic athletes. Check out the 9 Page interview featuring Danny Bruce and go to the link below for the full Magazine!

http://www.fitness101.co.za/magazine/novemeber.htmlFITNESS 101 NOV COVER 2014

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  • Chris Miller says:

    It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday
    I was very impressed with your strength & fortitude in regards to your accident & recovery – simply amazing.
    I’m hopeful that someday we’ll cross paths again, bless you.

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