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You suck, your not that good at anything, you wish you could do that as good as me, life sucks and doesn't seem to be getting better......these are the kind of setbacks your gonna have to endure, so your gonna have to step up to the plate, put away any excuse, or risks you might think you have and get with the program, because the world is not gonna wait for you!

failed gates

I've recieved alot of feedback and words of wisdom from many of you about my successes in life as per how I am where I am today; understand people, that I have failed so many times in life, that I actually love failing, it is one of my favorite things that happens to me on a daily basis. Remember, failure is a great thing as each time you fail at something, guess what....you become better at it the next time. You show some type of progression. Shoot, I remember the first time I ever talked to a girl trying to ask her out cause she was fine and I really liked her, I kinda looked down, acting all creepy and all that jazz, mumbled under my breathe cause I was scared, then got rejected. I tried it again with another girl, fixed that mumbling issue and this time I almost got her number, and the bell rang for school, "time to go to class..teachers/friends" too scared to even ask her. That was the end of that, super socially awkward and didn't see her again. As time went on, I learned from those issues and i tried to take girls out and didn't even know how to kiss the girl...smh, that was a no bueno move, eyes open all gooofly eyed and all....i didn't know anything, clueless mode, and then I got rejected, yet again. At this point, I was like golly....I don't know if I'm ever gonna get into a relationship since I don't even know what I'm doing. But guess what, I got older, my mindset, was like...man nobody is gonna be perfect the first time at whatever they do, it takes practice and practice and practice followed by you being persistent in order to reach a goal of whatever it is. Now a days, I look back and laugh, like what in the world was I scared of? Failing? Ask yourself, Do you make mistakes? We all do right? Learn from your mistakes and embrace them as a chance to grow as a person. Once you understand how to fail and you've hit rock bottom, succeeding will be a breeze, so take action!

famous failures

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